GetintheLoop helps local bagel bakery perfect its mobile marketing recipe

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Bubby’s New York Bagels in Toronto, Ont., is confident that customers will fall in love with the bakery’s award-winning bagels at first bite. Owners Simcha Breslow and Sruli Portowicz spent considerable time working to create the perfect bagel prior to launching their kosher bakery five years ago and later opening up a second location in the city.

By signing up with GetintheLoop in May, the business is now equally confident that it has perfected its mobile marketing recipe. Bubby’s Bagels offers customers 30 varieties of bagels, each one handcrafted and kettle boiled, and attracts new customers through great offers on GetintheLoop like free bagels.

“I really like the concept of GetintheLoop: businesses can put up offers that attract customers and bring more people to the store,” Breslow said. “You might have to entice customers into the door once or twice, but if they like what they see they’ll come back even if they have to pay full price. 

“I think it’s a great way to bring people into the business and it’s a different way of using your marketing dollar. If I was going to spend $500 on print advertising, it may not go somewhere but if I can spend $250 in in-store goods that I’m giving away to people, then I’ve actually brought them into the store.” 

Bubby’s Bagels had received many pitches for mobile marketing solutions over the years, but never found one that complemented their needs. When Breslow was approached by GetintheLoop local team member Adam Emanuel, he admittedly assumed this was just another typical pitch. But after sitting down with Emanuel for an in-depth conversation, Breslow was sold. 

“I thought the platform was very unique and interesting and I liked the fact that we could pull customers in without forcing them to buy anything,” Breslow said. “I put myself in my customer’s shoes for a minute and realized that I would use this type of an app, especially because it’s notification and geographically based. I thought that could really bring more customers to the store.”

Besides giving customers a taste of their delicious bagels, Bubby’s Bagels has used GetintheLoop to promote the other components of their business, such as its professional catering department. The business includes deals on the platform for heavily discounted party trays. 

Bubby’s Bagels also has a cafe where it serves breakfast and lunch items including bialys, sandwiches, wraps salads, pastas, pastries and poutine. It creates offers on GetintheLoop to attract the lunch crowd such as BOGO sandwich deals. 

Breslow said that quality customer service has really made Bubby’s Bagels’ GetintheLoop experience a great one. 

“It has been a real pleasure to work with Adam; he’s a hard-working kid and I like his attitude,” Breslow said. “He stays on top of me in terms of keeping my offers updated or removing things that aren’t working, which is a good thing when you’re a restaurant owner because it’s non-stop hecticness.”

With their reputation for not cutting corners and baking quality bagels, Bubby’s Bagels is a business on the rise. As Bubby’s Bagels continues to grow as a business, they view GetintheLoop as way to invest in their future by investing in their customers. 

“Even though I’m giving away free stuff on the platform, it’s a lifetime investment in the customer,” Breslow said.

“If I give somebody something for free that’s worth $10 and I give it to them three times, I just invested $30 in them in goods and it came at a cost to me of $15. That person might become a customer and spend $20,000 at my business over the course of their lifetime as just a casual, once-a-month-customer.”

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