GetintheLoop has acquired Smart Betty

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KELOWNA – September 29th, 2016, GetintheLoop Marketing (GITL) is delighted to announce the acquisition of the assets of E-Impact Consulting’s daily deals service, currently operated under the name of Smart Betty in Western Canada. As part of the deal Bruce Maki, CEO of Smart Betty, will be joining GetintheLoop.

GetintheLoop currently operates in 6 cities in Western Canada offering its Members access to exclusive offers from the leading national and local companies. Its mobile marketing platform allows businesses to reach the mobile phones of thousands of engaged local consumers, helping them attract and retain new customers

Matt Crowell, CEO GetintheLoop says, “We look forward to providing the existing Smart Betty business clients with access to our service, allowing them to reach our highly engaged local membership across BC. In addition, the Smart Betty customers will now have access to exclusive deals right on their phone.”

“Five years after starting Smart Betty Western Canada, I’m thrilled to take the business to the next level. By combining resources with GetintheLoop we are now going to give our existing subscribers and marketing partners a whole new level of service and great deals. I am also very excited to be joining the GetintheLoop team and helping drive the organisation forward” commented Mr Maki.
Based in Kelowna,BC, GetintheLoop is a mobile marketing service connecting businesses with interested, engaged consumers who enjoy saving at local business. GetintheLoop partners with leading media companies and sports organizations in each of their markets to reach widespread consumer audiences through a combination of radio, tv, print, mobile, websites and social media. The GetintheLoop marketing tool allows businesses the control and flexibility they need to optimize their revenue, increase loyalty, react to unused inventory and attract new customers daily.

To learn more about GeitntheLoop as a business owner or seeker of greater savings please contact GetintheLoop at or call 1.236.420.2525

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