Get Your Home Ready for Winter with Canadian Tire

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Keep Your Home Safe This Winter
Now that your vehicle is winter ready, it’s time to ensure your home is too! Do you have your salt bags and shovels ready? Salting your sidewalk and driveway helps lower the freezing point of ice which prevents snow and rain from freezing. If you salt the space in front of your house you are lowering the risk of someone slipping and falling and ensuring your vehicle has better traction as it heads out on a journey.

Keep The Cold Out and the Warm In
Ensuring your home is well insulated before winter is very important. – Keeping warm air in and cold air out saves you money and keeps you warm. The thing to remember is that heat flows directly from heated spaces to unheated areas such as garages, attics and basements, and if your home is on the older side, heat can sometimes escape to the outdoors.

Exterior – Do a visual inspection of your home and look for areas where two different building materials meet. Outdoor water faucets, areas around a chimney and areas where the foundation and bottom of exterior siding meet are a good starting point.

Interior – Check all the areas inside your home for cracks and gaps where air could leak in or out. Door and window frames, baseboards, weather stripping around doors, vents and fans, switch plates and electrical outlets to name a few.

If your heating is uneven in the winter and your cooling is ineffective, or if your walls and floors are cold in the winter and hot in the summer, you may have poor insulation in your home. Air sealing reduces drafts significantly in your home – check the seals of your plumbing fixtures, window and door frames and basement walls. Another culprit of heating issues in your home is your heating and ventilation system (HVAC). If there isn’t enough heat in a room, no amount of insulation will fix that, it needs to be addressed in your heating system. Thermostats have a fan setting that can be set to “on” or “auto”. “On” means the air continues to circulate even after the cycle goes off. This helps circulate the air between floors, ensuring there is a consistent temperature without variation between floors.

Don’t let winter air cool off your home this winter – check your insulation and heating systems before the cooler temperatures arrive.

Ensure your home is ready for winter this year, sponsored by Canadian Tire, where you can find everything from windshield wipers and car batteries, to space heaters and shovels. With several locations across British Columbia and Alberta, it’s easy to find a Canadian Tire near you.

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