20 Fun Facts about Canada

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Canada is pretty great, eh? But did you know these 20 weird and wonderful facts about our country? Impress your friends this weekend and drop some Canadian knowledge while you celebrate Canada Day!

  1. Canada was founded in 1867, but we didn’t get a flag until nearly 100 years later in 1965!
  2. The famous Canadian phrase “eh” is actually in the Oxford English Dictionary!
  3. Canada, specifically Quebec, manufactures over 77% of the world’s maple syrup!
  4. 20% of the world’s freshwater is in Canada

  5. Although we REALLY love hockey, Canada’s national sport is actually Lacrosse!
  6. There are more donut shops per capita in Canada than in any other country
  7. Of the 25,000 polar bears in the world, 15,500 of them call Canada home. Churchill, Manitoba is actually called the Polar Bear capital of the world! At times there are more polar bears there than people!
  8. Canada is the second largest country in the world based on size, but it is home to only 0.5% of the world’s population
  9. Canada has the longest coastline in the world
  10. You can blame us for putting pineapple on pizza…Hawaiian pizza was invented by a Canadian!
  11. 10% of the world’s forests are in Canada

  12. Although you probably watch their shows in Vegas, Cirque du Soleil was founded in Canada!
  13. The phrase “trick or treat” was first used by a Canadian in Alberta!
  14. In 1883 the baseball glove was invented in Canada
  15. Mac n Cheese is the most popular grocery item purchased in Canada
  16. Canada is the largest producer of blueberries in the world
  17. 2.4 million caribou, also known as Reindeer, live in Canada! Which makes sense, because you can write a letter in any language to Santa Claus at The North Pole, HOH OHO, Canada and one of his elves will respond to you (no stamp necessary)

  18. Canada’s lowest recorded temperature was -63 C! That’s the temperature of Mars!
  19. Canada’s literacy rate is over 99%!
  20. Canada had to create an “Apology Act” because so many people in court would say Sorry. This act allows apologies to be considered a sign of empathy, not guilt.


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