5 Tips on Entrepreneurship – A Keynote to Our Franchisees

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Monday, September 17th, 2018 was an amazing day for our team and me, as we saw our dream of franchising our platform realized. Only 90 days after we announced the launch of GetintheLoop Local – Canada’s First Offers Franchise – we hosted our first ten franchisees at Loop University.

Loop University is a 3-day crash course on everything GetintheLoop, equipping franchisees to launch the platform in their own community. We kicked off Loop University at 8:30 a.m. sharp with an opening keynote by our Franchise Advisor, Cliff Shillington, followed by my rundown of the GetintheLoop story, from day one.

Entrepreneurship has run in my veins from a very young age, so seeing so many fantastic entrepreneurs gearing up to launch their new business was a dream come true. I finished my opening keynote with five tips I have learned on my journey as an entrepreneur, through my mentors, advisors, and the path Loop Media Group has taken me on.

1. Play the long game
Build win-win relationships. Look at commercialization as true partnerships. If you build value-based partnerships, you will build a long-term business. Everything we do as entrepreneurs should be about playing the long game.

2. Listen first
To find a solution we must first understand the problem. GetintheLoop was built to solve problems for golf courses. By listening to our customers and members of our community we have been able to add features, adapt, and build solutions for our ever-growing Loop Community.

3. Stay positive
You need to actively practice having a positive outlook. Look for the opportunity in challenges and believe in yourself. Running a business is hard. It’s like riding a roller coaster. Staying positive is the key to succeeding in the long run.

4. Be thankful
Building a business takes an army of contributors. Reward your early customers and thank your true believers. I am so appreciative of the many people that believed in me, my idea, and believed in our company. Without believers, early adopters, and our supporters, us entrepreneurs wouldn’t get very far.

5. Enjoy the journey
It took me longer then I would like to admit to really start to enjoy the journey. I am lucky to speak with so many entrepreneurs who have sold their business or retired and they all look back and say, building it was the best time of their life.  For a couple of years now, I wake up every day excited about what I do. I embrace that I am a workaholic but I also love every day and feel so fortunate to be a part of an ever-growing team of passionate professionals helping to scale GetintheLoop across Canada and soon internationally. What a dream!


In closing, I left our inaugural franchisees with a line that I repeat almost daily. It’s a line that was passed on to me from a friend and mentor.

“I can live with someone else having a better idea, better timing, more money. Those are factors we cannot control. One thing that is for sure – we will never get outworked.”  

This is the culture that threads the walls at GetintheLoop and is a big reason why we get to sit here today and watch our first ten franchise owners head out and launch markets across Canada. I couldn’t be more honoured and excited to continue to grow this business alongside our current and future franchisees.

– Matty

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