Back To School Shopping At Hillside Shopping Centre

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Back. To. School. If you’re anything like me, these words both make you nervous and excite you. Nervous in the unknown, in the uncertainty that comes with a brand school year. Who will you meet? How will classes go? Where will you shop? These are big questions that need answering.

On the other hand, back to school truly is exciting. You will meet new people, do new things, and explore new areas of town. This is the time of our lives to live life to the fullest. If I could offer any advice as a recent university graduate, it would be to take chances. It may be a new school club that peaks your interest, an opportunity to work on an exciting project, or a new road trip destination. I’ve learned that taking chances always leads to new experiences. It is these experiences that shape who we are as a person, and lead us down exciting new paths.

With all this being said, most students have the same limitation: a student budget. The infamous student budget. How do you overcome this significant obstacle, in order to take advantage of everything university has to offer? Read on, young one, read on!

In Victoria, there are many options and areas to shop for the essentials. Out of all the shopping centres and storefronts, there is one that stands out for YOU, the cash-strapped university student: Hillside Centre. Located just a short five minute drive from both the University of Victoria and Camosun College, Hillside Centre is your one-stop-shop for everything a student needs. And it gets better: Hillside Centre is a proud partner of GetintheLoop! This means you can easily save cash on everything from bedding to screen protectors. Get down to Hillside Centre today to start saving.

At this point, you may be saying, “Now, surely it can’t get any better. An amazing shopping centre with stand-out offers, only 5 minutes away?”

Once again, it gets better. Check out the following five vendors with amazing offers for students to get you started!


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Start off at this well-known clothing store for all your back-to-school jean needs. Bootlegger was founded in 1971 in Vancouver as the “General Paint Company” and hasn’t looked back since. As one of the most trusted and recognized brands in Canada, they represent affordable, practical fashion. Stop in at Bootlegger today for that perfect pair of stylish jeans to wow your new classmates!

Check out Bootlegger’s current offers in Hillside Centre by using the GetintheLoop app, find them HERE.


Everyone loves sushi. It’s quick, different, and delicious. Hiro Japan Xpress is an environmentally friendly, boutique restaurant that originated in Vancouver. Their objective is to provide fresh, healthy, and ethnic food to the community at every location. Serving a wide range of customers including students, Hiro Japan Xpress is a must-stop when checking out all the great offers in Hillside Centre.

Who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful California Roll with miso soup? Well, right now on GetintheLoop you can get it for only $5! Check out all of Hiro Japan’s current offers HERE.


Follow up your sushi with a delicious smoothie from Orange Julius. This company truly is an example of passionate entrepreneurship. It all goes back to 1926, when a man named Julius started an orange juice stand. His friend didn’t like orange juice because it was too acidic, and blended the juice with a few choice ingredients. People loved it and were soon shouting, “Give me an orange, Julius!” And so, Orange Julius was born.

Right now at Orange Julius in Hillside Centre, buy one drink or smoothie and get a second for free! You can’t beat that. Check out Orange Julius’s offers HERE!



As a student, you’re on your phone a lot. Whether it is checking e-mail or figuring out the evening’s activities, your phone connects your life. When you use something so often, it’s bound to be dropped at some point. Don’t take a chance when that drop happens; get a phone case and screen protector at Wrapprz.

GetintheLoop is featuring $15 off any tempered glass screen protector. Check out the rest of their great offers HERE.


In my opinion, dollar stores are very underrated – especially for students on a budget. After picking up your new phone case, make one last stop at Only Deals Dollar Store. You’ll find a wide array of kitchen, yard, BBQ, and seasonal supplies, to go with everyday essentials such as cards and refreshments. Make your first stop Only Deals when looking to save money furnishing your new apartment.

Check out Only Deal’s exclusive offers on GetintheLoop here, including Buy One Get One 50% off!

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