6 powerful types of offers you can create on GetintheLoop

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Sales promotion offers can be a great way for businesses to drive traffic through the door and stimulate sales. Offers allow companies to provide value to customers, promote special offerings and encourage repeat business. 

Your business can stand out in the crowd by successfully leveraging these different types of offers:


These types of offers are only available to a select group of customers. Companies will often create exclusive offers for customers who have signed up for their loyalty program or to receive their e-newsletter. It’s a satisfying experience for customers to redeem exclusive offers and this encourages customer loyalty. 

GetintheLoop members have access to exclusive offers on the platform. These offers receive higher placement in our daily emails when compared to non-exclusive offers, which are available to any customer. Exclusive offers also receive inclusion in GetintheLoop’s push notification program. 


If you’ve ever heard “hurry while supplies last” in an ad and been motivated to act fast, you’ve been influenced by a limited offer. Limited offers create a greater sense of urgency by limiting the available supply at the listed price. Offering 30% off purchases for one day only, for example, encourages customers to show up and pull the trigger on purchases.

Restaurants can use limited offers to create a lunch rush by offering a deal to the first x number of customers. The people who miss out on the deal are already in the restaurant and are still likely to place an order.

Percentage Off

Offering customers a percentage off an item or an entire purchase is a great way to get them through the door. While the discount may draw customers in, there’s a chance they’ll also purchase something at full price.

There are strategic ways to deploy percentage off offers, such as Buy One, Get One (BOGO). Customers pay the full price on the first item and either get the second item for free or receive a discount. There can also be a condition put in place where customers have to spend a minimum amount of money to get a percentage off.

Gift With Purchase

Giving customers a gift when they make a purchase is a great way to endear your business to them, because it’s always satisfying to open a present. The gift can be a small item such as a key chain, bookmark or desk calendar and can include your company’s logo.

Gifts can be a great way for a company to launch a new product, effectively creating a sampling campaign. Companies can partner with like-minded businesses or vendors on customer gifts with purchase. Businesses that provide gifts maintain price integrity while providing value to customers. Create, wow and delight while building a deeper relationship and loyalty with your customers by using gift with purchase offers. 


A bundle offer allows customers to take home multiple products in a single purchase at a lower cost. Telecommunications companies offer phone/internet/TV bundles at reduced rates to entice customers to purchase multiple services from them.

A bundle is a great way to introduce customers to additional products that they may purchase later on. These offers also enable companies to keep the price integrity in tact for each item because the customer won’t be aware which of the items are being discounted.


One of the unique features of the GetintheLoop platform is that businesses can create offers that exist solely to raise awareness around an event they’re hosting. Event offers can help businesses pack the house, whether it’s for a live music event at a pub or a children’s workshop being held at a library.

These offers can also help businesses show their charitable side by promoting events they’re sponsoring in the community. 

With GetintheLoop, businesses can create compelling offers to highlight their products, services and experiences, and reach customers right on their smartphones. Learn more about the exciting opportunity to sign your business onto the platform

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