The 3 Best Ways to Prep Your Car Before Summer Road Trips!

June 22nd, 2017 Posted by blog, Edmonton, Okanagan, Vancouver, Vancouver Island No Comment yet

Pack your bags and fill the cooler. The weather is hot, the sky is clear and the sunsets are beautiful. Summer is here and there are SO many cool places to explore! Before you go, make sure your travel buddy (aka your car) is prepared and ready to roll!

1. Clean Your Car
Road trips are always best with friends – treat them a clean and comfortable space. You can get away with being a Messy Mary through the winter drive thru’s and commuting but there is no excuse for the summer! A quick wash + wax to add shine and protect the paint. Hose down of the car mats to get road salt off and a quick wipe of the dash and you’re done! Tip: Don’t forget to clear out the trunk. Less weight = better fuel economy!

2. Don’t Leave Your Winter Tires On
This is very important because we all pay a premium for winter tires. Save your tred (aka your money) and get the most out of your winter tires but changing them. Did You Know: Winter tires are made from a special compound made specifically for winter-like conditions. Using them over the summer will wear down this compound and potentially affect the safety of your vehicle.

3. Check Your Oil
What is the importance of oil? Oil acts as a lubricant for the engine and helps sweep away the dirt and keeps it cool and clean! Why do we need to change it? The older the oil gets, the less effective it becomes – this can cause premature engine wear and overheating. How often should you check your oil levels? Most recommend it weekly. The perfect and most convenient time is right after you have filled your gas tank. That way, the engine is still warm and the oil has had enough time to settle for proper measurement. Don’t forget: Be sure to check your transmission fluid while checking your oil levels. If you are unsure how to check your owner’s manual or ask a trusted technician next time you are in!

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