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Best Happy Hours in Vancouver

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Ahhhhh Vancouver… It’s one of the most beautiful, and expensive, cities in the world. With this in mind, If you’re looking to treat yourself after work, without breaking the bank, we’ve got the list for you!
We’ve highlighted some of the best happy hour deals in the city for you. What are you waiting for? Check out the list, hop on a patio, and cheers! 


Coast Restaurant –  A personal favourite, Coast is part of the Glowbal Group and can be cited as being one of the top dining experiences in the city. With draft beer, wines, highballs, sangria and Caesars all for $5, and appetizers for under $10, you can’t go wrong with Coast’s Happy Hour! 
1054 Alberni Street
Daily 3:00- 6:00 pm


Colony Bar – One of Main Streets top spots, Colony never disappoints the palette (or the wallet). With lagers and pale ale on for $3, wine and highballs for $4, you’ll never leave thirsty from here. Get the deal at Main St. or Kits.
2904 Main Street, Mon-Fri 3-6pm 

The Pint – A short walk to Rogers Arena, The Pint is a great spot for a  post-work beer – you might even end up spending all night! Stop in for free order of their 40-Way Wings when you order a pint! Check out their other deals here.
455 Abbott Street
Mon-Friday 3-6pm


Belgard Kitchen – A fantastic spot off Railway Avenue, Belgard also has the ability to refill growlers after you enjoy a few pints of Postmark beer! With food specials ranging from $7-9 and daily wine selections and Postmark beer for $5, you definitely need to head over to Gastown to check this one out!
55 Dunlevy Avenue
Mon-Thurs 3-6pm

La Pentola – Any excuse to head over to Davie Street is a good one. While you’re there, check out this gem. They have daily food specials and wine for $5 each, draft beer for $4 and negroni for $6 a glass that will be a great way to finish off your evening. Bonus: This is where you’ll find one of Vancouver’s most instagrammed walls outside! 
350 Davie Street
Daily 9pm -late

Hapa Izakaya – Some of the best of Yaletown’s cuisine can be found at Hapa. With food specials ranging from $3.50 – $6.50, draft beer for $4 and wine for $5 a glass, it’s a must see!
1193 Hamilton Street
Daily 5 -6pm, plus 9pm-close (Sun- Thurs)


The Brighton – One of the East sides/Mount Pleasant’s treasures! Lonetree cider, Dirty girl pilsner, house wine and select highballs are all $3.50 each.
2471 East Hastings Street
Daily 3 – 8pm


Pourhouse – One of Gastown’s trendiest spots. Every day you can try your hand at some negroni or wine for $8 each, draught beer for $5 and all plates and burgers 50% off!
162 Water Street
Daily 5 -6pm

Buckstop – Try out one of Denman’s most charismatic spots and enjoy special happy hour food items, $3 beer, $4 highballs and $5 beer pints and wine.
833 Denman Street
4:30 – 6pm (Mon – Fri)


The Cascade Room – Main street is lucky to have this restaurant to add to their arsenal. Draught beer and wine for $5 each; $6 cocktails; Jack Daniels shots $4; snacks $4 -$10; banger and a beer $8.
2616 Main Street, Daily 3 -6pm

Did we miss your favourite? Share your favourite patio or happy hour hot spots with us, we are always interested to find the latest hidden gem in Vancouver. Find us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 

Unique Pizzas From Around The World

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Did you know that there are approximately 5 billion pizzas sold, worldwide, per year?

Pizza is a staple in some diets and a treat in others, but however you slice it, we love pizza. To celebrate National Pizza Day today (February 9th) we’ve compiled some of the most unusual pizza toppings from different corners of the world for you to sink your teeth in.


Cookie Dough Pizza – South Korea
Cookie dough – Check. Pizza Crust – Check. Prawns – Check. Sweet Potato – Check. The Grand Prix, South Korean pizza literally has it all and apparently tastes like a European soft cookie. Traditionally this pizza comes with a blueberry dipping sauce to slather the crust in after you’re done eating all the toppings first, which means we’ve now put it on our pizza bucket list.unique pizzas cookie dough pizza


Breakfast Pizza – England
These are two of our favourite things combined: Pizza… and breakfast, and only in England would they get it 100% spot on. What a way to kick off the day with potatoes, mushrooms, sausage, bacon, baked beans, cheese and sunny-side-up eggs. Looking for a great way to start the day? This recipe is an absolute corker, and you’d be barmy not to give it a try!

unique pizzas breakfast pizza


Thai Crocodile Pizza – Australia
Crocodile Dundee would love this pizza! A mix of Thai, basil, chilli’s and lime, this pizza is powerful in flavour and is sure to satisfy all cravings. It’s even been said by locals that it is the most fabulous pizza ever. Interested in trying it? Check out the recipe here. Note: the recipe includes crocodile fillets which you might not find easily at your local grocery store.

unique pizzas crocodile pizza


Banana Curry Pizza – Sweden
A Swedish twist on the traditional “Hawaiian” pizza. Curry sauce, thin slices of ham, banana and pineapple rings. This popular Swedish pizza would likely appear on a menu under Classics, and combines sweet, salty, and spicy flavours. Want to try it? Get the recipe here!

unique pizzas banana curry pizza


Horse Meat Pizza – Denmark
It looks great… but not sure if we’d pony up for this one. Don’t believe it’s real? Check it out!

unique pizzas horse meat pizza


Cicada Pizza – USA
This one might bug some people and it is definitely not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure! Although the toppings can be caught for free in the right hot place, these nutty tasting cicadas might tickle on the way down. Got some cicadas lying around? Turn them into your own pizza!

unique pizzas cicada pizza


Something Fishy – Russia
One of the most commonly consumed pizzas in Russia happens to bethe one named after the capital of Moscow, Mockba. Served cold and topped with onions and herbs, this pizza also can have five different types of fish on it: sardines, tuna, mackerel, salmon and red herring. Heading to Moscow soon? Check out the 15 best places to get a pizza!

unique pizzas mockba pizza


Canadian Pizza
What else would Canada call a trusted Canadian favourite? The “Canadian Pizza” typically includes tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, bacon, pepperoni, and mushrooms. Can’t go wrong with traditional!

unique pizzas canadian pizza


GetintheLoop has tons of pizza specials available in many Western Canadian cities – check out a pizza deal near you and celebrate National Pizza Day the way it’s supposed to be!

Don’t have the GetintheLoop app? It’s just a quick download away, and available for FREE. 

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Red Deer’s Jim Pattison Broadcast Group Joins Forces with GetintheLoop

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Red Deer, AB, November 7, 2017 – Mobile phones have overtaken computers as the primary way people access the internet and mobile advertising continues to grow at a rapid rate. Award-winning startup GetintheLoop is announcing further expansion this time into Red Deer!, BIG 105 FM, and 106.7 The Drive, also known as The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group of Red Deer has partnered with GetintheLoop to bring an exclusive mobile marketing opportunity to businesses in and around Red Deer.

GetintheLoop – the intelligent mobile marketing platform that connects businesses and consumers – is coming to Red Deer!, BIG 105 FM, and 106.7 The Drive collectively known as The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group of Red Deer has joined GetintheLoop as a strategic media partner. GetintheLoop is working with the team in both a marketing and sales capacity to grow membership and offer a unique mobile marketing opportunity to businesses in Red Deer.

“Mobile marketing is an increasingly powerful tool for promotion, branding, and customer acquisition. We’re excited to expand the marketing solutions we offer our clients to help grow their businesses by including GetintheLoop for Business,” says Brent Young, General Sales Manager, Jim Pattison Broadcast Group (JPBG) of Red Deer.

“We are excited to continue our expansion into southern Alberta and build on our work with the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group across BC and Alberta. This partnership builds on our strategy to grow GetintheLoop throughout Alberta and across Canada,” said Matt Crowell, CEO & Founder, GetintheLoop.

Based in Kelowna, BC, GetintheLoop has become Western Canada’s leading mobile marketing solution connecting hundreds of businesses with tens of thousands of interested, engaged consumers. GetintheLoop partners with leading media companies and sports organizations in over 35 markets across Western Canada to reach consumers through a multi-channel media network. GetintheLoop provides businesses with the control and flexibility they need to build awareness, grow revenue, and attract new customers while keeping 100% of revenue.

The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group is proud to be one of Canada’s premier radio and television companies. The Group combines over 90 years of broadcasting expertise with Total Team Involvement as it builds a reputation as a committed broadcaster serving the needs of listeners, viewers, advertisers and communities throughout the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Learn more about GetintheLoop for Business at Currently in pre-launch in Red Deer sign up today to get a sneak peek at


Get Your Home Ready for Winter with Canadian Tire

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Keep Your Home Safe This Winter
Now that your vehicle is winter ready, it’s time to ensure your home is too! Do you have your salt bags and shovels ready? Salting your sidewalk and driveway helps lower the freezing point of ice which prevents snow and rain from freezing. If you salt the space in front of your house you are lowering the risk of someone slipping and falling and ensuring your vehicle has better traction as it heads out on a journey.

Keep The Cold Out and the Warm In
Ensuring your home is well insulated before winter is very important. – Keeping warm air in and cold air out saves you money and keeps you warm. The thing to remember is that heat flows directly from heated spaces to unheated areas such as garages, attics and basements, and if your home is on the older side, heat can sometimes escape to the outdoors.

Exterior – Do a visual inspection of your home and look for areas where two different building materials meet. Outdoor water faucets, areas around a chimney and areas where the foundation and bottom of exterior siding meet are a good starting point.

Interior – Check all the areas inside your home for cracks and gaps where air could leak in or out. Door and window frames, baseboards, weather stripping around doors, vents and fans, switch plates and electrical outlets to name a few.

If your heating is uneven in the winter and your cooling is ineffective, or if your walls and floors are cold in the winter and hot in the summer, you may have poor insulation in your home. Air sealing reduces drafts significantly in your home – check the seals of your plumbing fixtures, window and door frames and basement walls. Another culprit of heating issues in your home is your heating and ventilation system (HVAC). If there isn’t enough heat in a room, no amount of insulation will fix that, it needs to be addressed in your heating system. Thermostats have a fan setting that can be set to “on” or “auto”. “On” means the air continues to circulate even after the cycle goes off. This helps circulate the air between floors, ensuring there is a consistent temperature without variation between floors.

Don’t let winter air cool off your home this winter – check your insulation and heating systems before the cooler temperatures arrive.

Ensure your home is ready for winter this year, sponsored by Canadian Tire, where you can find everything from windshield wipers and car batteries, to space heaters and shovels. With several locations across British Columbia and Alberta, it’s easy to find a Canadian Tire near you.

Western Canada’s Own Mobile Marketing Solution Is Coming to Lethbridge

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Lethbridge, AB, October 24th, 2017 – Mobile phones have overtaken computers as the primary way people access the internet and mobile advertising continues to grow at a rapid rate. Award-winning startup GetintheLoop is announcing further expansion in an exciting new partnership with The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group in Lethbridge! Lethbridge News Now, B 93.3 FM and Country 95.5 FM, also known as The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group of Lethbridge has partnered with GetintheLoop to bring an exclusive mobile marketing opportunity to businesses in and around Lethbridge.

“We are very excited to be partnering with GetintheLoop! Their innovative mobile marketing platform will do really well in Lethbridge” says Gary Dorosz, General Manager, The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group (JPBG) of Lethbridge.  “It’s great to see the relationship expand further with JPBG; we are eager to be a part of spreading the word about GetintheLoop and share some of the great offers within our community.”

“We look forward to expanding into southern Alberta and building on our work with The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group now spanning across BC and Alberta. This partnership is an important part of our strategy to launch throughout Alberta and across Canada,” said Matt Crowell, CEO & Founder, GetintheLoop.

Based in Kelowna, BC, GetintheLoop has become Western Canada’s leading mobile marketing solution connecting hundreds of businesses with tens of thousands of interested, engaged consumers. GetintheLoop partners with leading media companies and sports organizations in over 35 markets across Western Canada to reach consumers through a multi-channel media network. GetintheLoop provides businesses with the control and flexibility they need to build awareness, grow revenue, and attract new customers while keeping 100% of revenue.

The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group is proud to be one of Canada’s premier radio and television companies. The Group combines over 90 years of broadcasting expertise with Total Team Involvement as it builds a reputation as a committed broadcaster serving the needs of listeners, viewers, advertisers and communities throughout the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Learn more about GetintheLoop for Business at Currently in pre-launch in Lethbridge sign up today to get a sneak peek at

If you are a business owner or know of a business who wants to learn more about partnering with GetintheLoop reach out to us and the team at The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group in Lethbridge at

Get Your Vehicle Winter Ready – Battery, Tires, Fluids, Wipers and Everything in Between!

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Get ready for another Great Canadian Winter with Canadian Tire! Besides pulling out our winter coats and cozy socks, preparing our biggest investments for winter is key. Let’s cover the best ways to prepare your automobile for old man winter. We love working with great Canadian companies and are very excited to be partnered with Canadian Tires in Penticton, Kamloops, Nanaimo and Hillside Victoria. 

Ensure Your Battery is Ready
Cold weather is hard on your vehicle, especially after sitting overnight in sub-zero temperatures. Is your battery going to give you grief as it gets colder? Here’s how to see if it’s ready and ensure you aren’t left in the lurch:

  1. Test the electrical system by starting the car and turning on your headlights. If your lights flicker or do not turn on, your electrical system may need some help. Turning on your radio is a good indicator of how the electrical system in your vehicle is functioning. Lights can short in and out, but if your radio is functioning, your electrical system is in good working order.
  2. Get your battery tested by professionals so you aren’t caught out in the cold.Use a digital multimeter to test your battery (see #3) or if you prefer to have a professional test your battery, give the team at Canadian Tire a call.
  3. A fully charged car battery should measure 12.6 volts or above. When the engine is running it should measure between 13.7 – 14.7 volts. To test this, you need to use a multimeter (which measures the voltage of your battery). Digital multimeters retail for $15 – $45 at Canadian Tire.

Be Prepared for Anything That Comes Your Way
In the event of a breakdown it’s important to have winter essentials such as an ice and snow scraper while also ensuring your winter safety kit is in your vehicle at all times:

  • Safety blanket
  • Road flares
  • Ice scraper
  • Jumper cables
  • First-aid kit
  • Shovel
  • Candle
  • Matches
  • Water
  • Non-perishable food items
  • Extra windshield washer fluid
  • Sandbags will prevent your vehicle from shifting in slushy or slippery conditions, giving you more traction

Winter Tires for Winter Roads
Take action before the snow falls and install your winter tires to keep you safe on the winter roads. Winter tires are the most important factor for staying safe on snow and ice covered winter roads. They are made with a different rubber than summer tires,
allowing them to have better grip in cold temperatures which gives you better traction and confidence in snow or icy conditions. Have a discussion with the tire experts at Canadian Tire to determine which tires are right for your vehicle and driving conditions.

Keep Your Car in Shape with Fluid Top Ups
Another item to check off your list before winter is your fluids under the hood. Topping up your fluids keeps your vehicle running smoothly and prevents issues. Key fluids to have topped up for winter are antifreeze, transmission fluid, oil, brake fluid and windshield washer fluid.

  • Antifreeze keeps an engine from overheating. To make your coolant, it is best to use a 50/50 mixture of water and antifreeze. Too much or too little antifreeze adjusts the boiling and freezing points significantly.
  • Transmission fluid keeps your transmission lubricated and cool, prevents gears from grinding, and ensures smooth shifting between gears.
  • Changing oil removes sludge from your engine, improves gas mileage and ensures your vehicle is in top operating condition.
  • Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid which means it is used to transfer force (of your foot on the pedal) into pressure and ensure braking force. Brake fluid ensures a vehicle is able to stop safely.
  • Windshield washer fluid is important to keep your windows clean and clear of debris, dirt, snow and slush. If you are out of windshield washer fluid, it can be nearly impossible to see clearly out your windshield.

Engines can have a difficult time starting in the winter, and your battery can too. Battery capacity is diminished by the cold weather, so doing a thorough inspection of your battery, cables and fluids is important prior to the seasons changing.

New Season, New Windshield Wipers
Visibility is vital to remaining safe on winter roads and new windshield wipers make this possible. Windshield wipers are one of the most inexpensive and easiest parts of a vehicle to maintain. Keep in mind that each make and model of a vehicle requires specific wipers, so check your manual for details.

Five questions to determine if you need new windshield wipers:

  • Do your wipers leave streaks across your windshield?
  • Do your wipers squeak as they cross from left to right?
  • Do your wipers sound like nails on a chalkboard?
  • Do your wipers skip and only clean every other line?
  • Are your wipers missing large chunks of rubber?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it may be time for new wipers. Even if your wipers are fine now, the wear and tear of the winter season can rapidly damage regular wipers. There are specific windshield wipers made for the winter season! Winter blades have a sturdier frame, no latticework and have one solid moving part ensuring there are fewer spots to be clogged by ice. These blades have better flex because of the protective coating, which enables your wipers to be better suited for the winter weather elements. Winter blades have synthetic rubber that stays flexible and soft no matter the temperature. Head over to Canadian Tire and grab yourself a pair – your vehicle will thank you!

Ensure your automobile is ready for winter this year; you can find everything from windshield wipers, car batteries and fluids, jumper cables and winter tires at Canadian Tire. With several locations across British Columbia and Alberta, it’s easy to find a Canadian Tire near you.

Spend Some Quality Time with Friends, Pizza and Football!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, where 32 teams from across the United States battle weekly to secure every win possible on their quest for the Vince Lombardi trophy. NFL games used to take part on Sundays, then Monday’s were added to the schedule and now there is the beloved Thursday night matchup.

Then there Canada’s own CFL which boasts 9 teams to its arsenal. The coveted Grey Cup matchup is just a few months away and playoffs are fast approaching. Regardless of whether you are an NFL or CFL fan, one thing is certain, football is a way of life for many, a social outing, a comradery builder, a weekly staple in their lives.

Here’s a list of some of the top spots to watch the game and enjoy some food, and some fantastic spots to order out from.

Okanagan: Order In

1. Fresh Slice – Feast pizzas are where it’s at! Two medium feast pizzas for only $17.99, it sounds too good to be true – but it really is true!

2. Olympia Greek Taverna – who doesn’t love pizza and football? Enjoy 44% off a Large 4 topping pizza at Olympia Greek Taverna, with huge portions and a great atmosphere, you won’t leave hungry.

Okanagan: Go Out

1. FSH – Looking for a pint and burger for a great price? Head on over for this $12 deal while you enjoy watching your favourite team play! You don’t want to miss out on this hot offer.

2. Train Station Pub – There’s no better burger variety in town! $5 off any burger of your choice, a vast number of tasty beer taps and catching the game, what could be better?

3. Shark Club Kamloops – Looking for the best pairing to go with your pitcher of beer? Look no further! Enjoy a free plate of nachos with your purchase of a pitcher of beer.

Vancouver: Order In

Papa John’s – As they always say, listen to your papa. Try 3 Large Pizzas for $39.99 for you and the gang, or a 2L of pop and your choice of wings for $9.99!

Vancouver: Go Out

1. The Pint Public House: One of the most electric environments in Vancouver to watch a game. Enjoy pints for $5.50 with the purchase of a burger – then sit back, relax and take in all the pint has to offer.

2. The Charles BarWith two locations in Vancouver, that’s two times the opportunity to hit up this spot! Monday night just got a whole lot better – 20% off all food! Pair that with football and you’ll eliminate the case of the Monday’s in no time!

Vancouver Island: Order In

1. Boston Pizza Hillside: As they say at BP’s, “You’re among friends”….so have some buddies over and take advantage of 25% off Pizza for any day you want to catch your favourite NFL or CFL matchup.

2. Boston Pizza Nanaimo: Is there a better combo than pizza and football? With their large selection of pizzas and stellar deals like Buy 1 Get 1 50% off Medium and Large Pizzas – you won’t be disappointed (or hungry) by the time the game is done.

Vancouver Island: Go Out 

1. Millers Pub: Right along Stewart Avenue in Nanaimo are fantastic ocean views, great food and an array of tv’s to catch your team on the big screen. $13 Burger + Beer sounds like a great deal to me,  don’t miss out on this hot deal!

2. Boston Pizza Hillside: If you’re looking for a killer venue with a fantastic atmosphere for sporting events then look no further. With 2 for 1 Starters, it’s the perfect way to cue up a good night of friends, football and hopefully a big W!

3. Maude Hunter’s Pub: No need to hunt any further for a great place to kick back and enjoy a couple pints while you take in the game. $5.25 pints all day, every day.


A bustling football market is just what the doctor ordered! Look no further, Edmonton is the place to be and the Eskimo’s are gearing up to have a strong finish this CFL season. Take advantage of a great experience for you and your family by ordering tickets for October 14th vs. the eastern conference leading Toronto Argonauts! 4 tickets for $109 – this is too good to pass up!

Edmonton: Go Out

Boston Pizza:  Fun and friendly atmosphere? Check. Great food at an even better price? Check. Building full of sports enthusiasts? Check. What’s the hesitation? Head down to BP’s for Free Cactus Cuts with an order of $20, and $10 off your entire order of $30 or more. Talk about savings!

Keep these great offers in mind the next time you’re heading out or having people over to watch your favourite NFL or CFL team play. Whether you’re ordering out or dining in, we’ve got you covered.

Do you have a favourite spot to grab a pint or a quick bite? Do you have a local watering hole where you catch all the games? Let our team know!

Blue & Orange: The Kamloops Blazers partner with GetintheLoop

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Today we are excited to announce the newest partner of GetintheLoop, the Kamloops Blazers! If you’re a little behind on your hockey stats or know-how, there are a few key things note. The Kamloops Blazers is a major junior hockey team that is part of the B.C. Division of the Western Conference of the Western Hockey League (WHL).

The team has won the most Memorial Cups out of any team in the WHL, with five, two as New Westminster Bruins (1977, 1978), and three as the Kamloops Blazers (1992, 1994, 1995). There are notable NHL alumni who played for the Blazers including Jarome Iginla, Mark Recchi, Scott Niedermayer,  and the recently retired and 20-year veteran, Shane Doan.

GetintheLoop has seen solid growth in the Kamloops area with fantastic food and beverage offers, golf, salon and spa and much more! GetintheLoop provides a solution for solving database marketing opportunities with the unique mobile software to businesses. The premise is to create great offers to engage consumers and drive them to local businesses. A partnership with the largest sports team in Kamloops is a natural extension for GetintheLoop due to the success in the marketplace to date.

“We have been watching the growth of GetintheLoop in Kamloops and how they work with sports organizations. We are eager to grow our fan base. The ability to connect directly with prospective fans and provide them exclusive offers directly to the palm of their hands is key. We are excited to see where the partnership between the Kamloops Blazers and GetintheLoop will go in the future.”

– Don Moores | President, COO & Alternate Governor Kamloops Blazers Hockey Club

We’re looking to have some exclusive offers with the Blazers this season that include a special discount on ticket pricing, great food and drink offers and exclusive merchandise deals. Keep your eyes peeled for the great offers to come! 
Until then, Go Blazers Go!

Sign up for GetintheLoop today to receive the latest offers from the Kamloops Blazers or other deals within the Kamloops community. It’s free and easy, and now you won’t miss out on the latest and greatest offers near you!

The Penticton Vees Partner with GetintheLoop

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As Canadians, Hockey is pretty much in our blood from birth, it’s a right of passage, a way of life. Today we are excited to announce our newest partnership with the Penticton Vees, the defending BCHL Junior A Champions. Although it is commonly thought by many that the name “Vees” has to do with Victory, the name actually represents the 3 types of local peaches (Vedette, Valiant, and Veteran). Famous NHL alumni include Paul Kariya, Duncan Keith, Brett Hull, Ray Ferraro, Dante Fabbro, Tyson Jost and more!

Founder and CEO, Matt Crowell and Director of Enterprise Accounts, Mitch Carefoot both played professional hockey in the United States and overseas, showing that our love for hockey runs deep at GetintheLooop and our team members are Canadian to the core too! This couldn’t be a more perfect partnership.

With the recent partnership, GetintheLoop members will now receive special Penticton Vees offers directly to their mobile device before and after every home game.

“We want to keep pushing the envelope on our fan experience, and we felt strongly that GITL could help us achieve that for the fans of Vee’s nation. We’re excited to partner with GITL and launch some exciting new products that will make it easier than ever before for our fans to watch the Vees and get great value from some of our other partners here in Penticton” said Vees Director of Corporate Partnerships, David Michaud.

Outside the rink, GetintheLoop and the Penticton Vee’s are committed to combining their efforts to benefit the Vees fans, members of GetintheLoop and the community of Penticton (and surrounding area).

  • All GetintheLoop members whether local or visiting will be able to enjoy Family nights out, Boys nights out and holiday specials and more crafted by The Penticton Vee’s! No pre-purchase or printing needed, just show the GetintheLoop offer from your phone, it’s that easy.
  • For businesses, GetintheLoop attracts new customers, increase brand awareness, and increases loyalty with offers. The Vees and GetintheLoop are working with businesses in and around the SOEC and in downtown Penticton to create great experiences like a great dinner at Match followed by an awesome experience at a Vees home game. Join the community with both the Penticton Vee’s and GetintheLoop by giving us a call!

It’s shaping up to be a great hockey season for the Vees, as they start off the 2017-18 season defending their fourth BCHL Championship in the last ten years. With a perfect 4-0 preseason record, the Vees showed no sign of slowing down in the regular season with a 4-2 win over Merritt this past weekend.

The team at GetintheLoop is happy to see what is in-store for the partnership moving forward. Go Vees Go!


Endless Summer Contest: Win over $2500 in prizes!

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You’ve made it this far, now all you have to do is enter for free by signing up or logging in! What better way to end your Summer than to win over $2500 in prizes from our partners like Predator Ridge, Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre, Play Estate Winery and Oxygen Yoga!

Here’s How To Enter!

Sign up for free for GetintheLoop and sign up between August 22nd – September 26th and you automatically get one entry! Already a member? Login to win between August 22nd – September 26th  and you get one entry as well!

– Share an offer via text, email or any other method you’d like from the GetintheLoop app using the “Share” button or Invite a friend by using the “Invite” button in the app (3 additional entries)

– Make a post about your favourite GetintheLoop offer and tag our page or the venue; Post/Share of you using the GetintheLoop app to Twitter or Instagram with #getintheloopwin (3 additional entries). Share our Facebook post OR  Retweet our post on Twitter OR tag a friend (2 additional entry)

Grab your phones or computer and start tagging, sharing, tweeting and most importantly, signing up before September 26th to be entered to win these great prizes!


Grand Prize

Predator Ridge | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Phone: (250) 542-3436
301 Village Centre Place, Vernon BC

Our Grand Prize winner will enjoy a weekend escape for two at Predator Ridge Resort in Vernon, BC.

Located just outside of Vernon BC, Predator Ridge has unparalleled amenities, two of the Okanagan’s best golf courses and one of Canada’s top resort communities. Whether you want to be active and enjoy some of the hiking and biking trails or take in a round of golf or tennis, or if you want to relax and enjoy the pool or beautiful scenery, Predator Ridge is the perfect place to do all of that and more!

The grand prize includes:

  • 2 night stay in a Peregrine Cottage
  • Hockey Canada themed welcome gift
  • 2 rounds of golf per person on public courses
  • $200 dining credit at Range Lounge & Grill

Runner Up

Sheraton Wall Centre | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Phone: (250) 331-1000
1088 Burrard Street, Vancouver BC

Runner up: Situated in the heart of Vancouver’s downtown district, the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre offers fantastic access to all of Vancouver’s popular attractions. Enjoy two nights of accommodation in a Club Level guest room (which includes parking); it will be the perfect way to take in the magnificent city of many amenities right at your doorstep.

Additional Prizes

  • A one-month membership at Oxygen Yoga
  • Winery tour, tasting and $50 dining card at Play Estate Winery
  • A VIP Friday night for 5 people at Charles Bar or Colony Bar


For details on the contest legal info (aka terms and conditions) please refer here.