The Next Big Marketing Opportunity

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Everywhere we look these days we see people on their phones. These devices have changed the way we live, how we find information, and communicate. Over the last five years, smartphone adoption rates have skyrocketed and according to a recent study, 80% of Canadians own a smartphone. It’s nice to get away from our devices for time to connect with family and friends over a meal, enjoy the salon and spa, or to have a one of kind travel experience. Mobile marketing represents the only area of opportunity and growth of marketing spend.

Using mobile phones to take pictures and videos can take away from and enhance many experiences. How much is your smartphone getting in between you and your life?

Today consumers are using an app to order a coffee that’s prepaid and getting a text when it’s ready. As individuals and organizations, we have many opportunities to use mobile technology for connection, fun, and growth. Make your mobile marketing fun and people will enjoy what your business offers more than just for the product or service itself. The overall experience is an important part of the modern consumer experience.


The most important thing you can do is make it easy for someone to find and use your website to get in touch or see what you sell and in some cases even buy. This means having a website that is mobile ready. Most ‘build your own website services’ offer this capability and if they don’t you should look elsewhere. A mobile ready website will ensure that visitors who are looking to contact you to place an order, find your address, or peruse your menu. Ensure that your website has proper titles and metadata so that people searching online for you can easily find your offerings and your business. Consider what some simple video content can do to help visitors find and understand your offerings. Google your business and make sure that your Google Business Listing (a free service) is up to date and respond to reviews everywhere you find them: Yelp, Facebook, or Trip Advisor for example.

Our team often gets asked about how to respond to negative reviews and we have two rules: own the customer experience and stay positive. Whether or not a poor experience was directly a result of your business or staff when others see you owning the experience and making an effort to improve it you’ll be much better off than if consumers just read negative reviews.


Having a social media presence for your business sounds like a lot of work but it doesn’t have to be and can be a real no-brainer. Use visuals and whenever possible post video content that is meaningful or fun. Ask the audience to tell you what they want. People who take the time to follow you or your business online actually want to engage, but not just about new products or daily menu specials. Make it a two-way conversation. Ask questions, leave comments, give your audience what you would want for yourself and add value to their lifestyle by sharing valuable content and starting meaningful conversations.


Create incentives that compel customers to act to fill the seats or push key products. Your business can continue to make money while providing compelling offers and incentives. You need control and measurability. Digital offers on consumer’s smartphones have redemption rates 10 times higher than print coupons like the ones in the weekend paper. There are a lot of companies out there assisting businesses with digital offers but the best option is the one that doesn’t take your revenue or force you to make deep discounts that could hurt your business. For the sake of full disclosure and as many readers may already know I started GetintheLoop to solve this exact challenge by providing businesses and easy-to-use solution to provide incentives to consumers.

At GetintheLoop we’ve built a platform for intelligent mobile marketing allowing businesses to develop offers for your entire clientele (offers for ladies night, family meals, and sports nights for example) and dynamically change them through a mobile app used by and built by British Columbians who are in the loop. Try out GetintheLoop and tell me what you think.

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